Not in the loop

OK, so I tried to download In The Loop on Piratebay, on the grounds that that\’s surely where one goes – but there\’s fuck all there.

You\’re the Internet, where the cocks do you get downloads of cinema-type movies?

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6 thoughts on “Not in the loop

  1. Jim Bliss says:

    Mininova is a rather good torrent search engine, but a quick search for ‘In The Loop’ fails to turn up the movie. Which I assume means it hasn’t been torrented yet (if neither Pirate Bay nor Mininova have it, then it’s probably not there).

  2. Seeds says:

    Fools, you need to get yourself on one of the invitation only sites that have sprung up to replace Oink. Unfortunately membership requires 1) an invitation, obviously, and 2) a(n enforced) commitment to uploading, as well as downloading, i.e. no leeching.

    Sorry if the second point violates any deeply-held libertarian principles… :)

  3. PDF says:

    Average ratio of 1.5+, good citizen that I am. D’you wanna send me an invite then? pdf at

  4. punkscience says:

    I personally rate but nothing their yet except a handful of fakes. Its a good indiciation of how popular a film’s gonna be when there’s loads of fake torrents labelled in its name up.

    I have to confess to not seeding except when I’m downloading. I’m too scared of BB. Cowardly as fuck, I know.

  5. punkscience says:

    Fucking THERE, not THEIR!

  6. Bobsy says:

    Rapidshare is also worth a look

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