A family that needs murdering

…as does whichever cunt in the CPS pressed charges:

The photographer, Pericles Antoniou, 53, was on holiday in London with his family when, on 17 April, he was arrested in the London tube by police officers. Antoniou, as he described the event in a letter to the Greek ambassador in London, was on his way to visit the photo exhibition of Russian photographer and painter Rochenko when he started taking pictures of people in the London tube.

‘A lady complained about the fact that I was taking photos of her daughter,’ wrote Antoniou. ‘I apologized immediately, as the ethics and common practice of photographers dictates, I showed the lady the photos I had taken of her daughter, and I erased every photo which contained her.’

However, a man claiming to be the girl’s father pursued the Greek photographer and asked police officers to arrest him. Antoniou has since been charged under the Public Order Act of 1986, articles 5 and 6 for ‘public harassment,\’ and causing \’alarm or distress.’

You can just picture the family who\’d do that, can\’t you? Neckless, tattooed Millwall fan for a dad; screeching chain-smoking harpy for a mum; paranoid that WEIRD FOREIGN PEEEEEDOS are out to get their grossly obese, barely sentient daughter. \”Ya caaan\’t take her fackin\’ picture, it\’s against our bleedin\’ \’uman rights, ya bubble caaant…\’. If they lived in Portsmouth, there\’d be half a dozen paediatricians buried under their patio.

Although, it\’s a shame Mr Antoniou is just an innocent foreign tourist and not a murdering paedophile. Given that little Waynetta will doubtless knock out dozens of equally appalling sproglings starting at the age of 12, a bit of preemptive burial-in-shallow-grave would be by far the best outcome for society…

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2 thoughts on “A family that needs murdering

  1. NRG says:

    A neckless, tattooed Millwall fan voluntarily speaking to the police? Never going to happen, he would just have beaten the guy to death with his own camera. Middle class mail readers is my bet.

  2. RJH says:

    Dear Himmler

    Why just not murder the whole lot of the ‘chavs’. It seems to now be acceptable to openly express a sickening hate for the poor underclass in our society who have little to offer in self-defence. Laugh at their clothes, idiotic behaviour and unfortunate situation. Stick them on an amusing TV show and ridicule them in your middle/upper class dominated press. Take pictures of their children for your amusement, to riducule with your family while little freddy hops off to his nice school, well away from those vile creatures on the far away council estate. Do whatever it takes just to keep ‘them’ down and you on the financial and moral high ground.

    What is your point? Wiping out members of the underclass and a reproductive ban on those who do not reach a pre-determined level of academic merit, class or style. And who to judge the suitablility for existence of the comical ‘chav’ underlings? Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Fucking-Morgan? Three crosses for the gas chamber or let them live to dance like grinning bears for your profit while grudgingly patting them on the head.

    Guardian reading (or just for show on the coffee table?) Nu Labour idiot with a conservative ideology dressed up in a cloak of false socialism. Fuck off back on your gap year, via a totally like awesome glasto experience. And take The Road to Wigan Pier with you.

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