Back, you fuckers

Despite rumours of swine flu, or possibly swinecaninefucking flu, assassination, imprisonment, and/or conspiracy to take over the world. I\’d like to make it clear PDF is back on the scene.

And laughing his fucking head off at the people who think the current MP scandal shows that the institution has become debased. In 1920, MPs were paid twice their current salary as a proportion of the national wage -and Lloyd George still had to sell peerages to all comers (not in a Blairite \’big donors are likely to be seen right\’ way, but in a \’here\’s the price list, tick the box\’ way) to appease his greed.

And he was one of the best PMs we ever had… which I guess may be the difference with the current government.

Oh, also bring on the Gurkhas. Can we invite every other selection of mental foreign killers with sharp knives over, too, and then move them in next door to Nick Griffin?

2 thoughts on “Back, you fuckers

  1. Alex says:

    I’d always wondered why parliamentary greed and corruption was considered ‘news’. You say it much better than me.

  2. punkscience says:

    I am fucking pissing myself over your Gurkha line.

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