Sorry for the disappearance. While I\’ve been away, people have mostly been slating the King of Thailand in the comments. Good; he\’s a cunt.

This is noncy wank. If you\’re depressive, you need help; if you\’re not, you don\’t; the fact that Wall Street is tragically depleted isn\’t going to make a blind sodding bit of business one way or the other.

The most hilarious news over the last month has been the revelation that Germany and Japan, the economies whose wise, prudent examples idiot conservative and hard-left nutjobs think we should have followed, are demonstrably statistically more fucked than either the UK or the US. Bigger falls in income, bigger national debts, less preparedness for recession, less clue what to do about it: check. As Chris Dillow says, the current government have dealt with the global situation about as well as conceivably possible, and no action they could realistically have taken over the prior 10 years would have made things better.

This isn\’t going to stop the relentless tirade of \’why the recession means you need to support my politics\’ bullshit, but it does at least mean that you can jab anyone who makes such claims in the eye with a pencil without feeling guilty about it. Especially if they\’re Larry fucking Elliott, who is and always has been an ignorant cunt.

Anyway, whatever. If you\’re worried about the recession, don\’t be, unless you can\’t afford to survive on the dole for a few months, in which case fucking sort it out. It\’s a blip; anyone who thinks it\’s more than a blip is a tool; we\’ll see recovery next year, and by 2015 bankers will be blowing enormous bonus cheques on champagne and hookers all over again whilst nobody else gives a fuck.


3 thoughts on “Recessionballs

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  2. punkscience says:

    I hope you’re right. I don’t think you are, though.

  3. Matthewa says:

    they have bigger government debts (which I agree are normally referred to as naitonal debts) but I’m not sure their net external debt position is worse, certainly Japan’s is bette.

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