Post haste

Privatising the Royal Mail is a superb activity, which I wholeheartedly support.

I say this for two-and-a-half reasons – or more accurately, three reasons, one of which I half-believe.

1) it will certainly piss off the gloating lefty twats referred to below.

2) it is also massively unpopular amongst traditional Tory sorts.

Since hardline public sector Trots and social-conservative Tories, together, are the two political groups I\’d most like to rub with sandpaper and throw into pits of a salt-and-vinegar mix, these two sell the programme to me in-and-of-itself.

Point number three is the one about efficiency and service quality. I suppose it\’s theoretically possible that Deutsche Post or TNT might actually improve matters… after all, they certainly couldn\’t make them worse.

However, I don\’t really buy the argument that \’private sector necessarily = better service quality\’. Nor do I care; if we can get the service off the taxpayers\’ books at the lowest possible cost, then that\’s pretty much a win. As it\’s of no use for anything whatsoever (anything important will probably be lost/stolen, so best couriered or picked up face-to-face; anything unimportant is unimportant; and online is a far better medium for written person-to-person communication than post in every way anyway…), who gives a fuck whether it collapses or not as long as we\’re not paying?

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2 thoughts on “Post haste

  1. Rapewaffle says:

    That was a well thought-out and forward-looking post which I’m sure you won’t feel stupid for making later.

  2. dsquared says:

    after all, they certainly couldn’t make them worse

    people said that about British Rail.

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