Social workers: excellent

If I were trying to place two kids who had a heroin-addicted, repeatedly-imprisoned mother in care, the last thing I\’d do would be to stick them with their elderly, sick, still-in-touch-with-their-daughter grandparents.

Rather, I\’d find a loving childless couple who\’d take the children far away from their previous lives. If you disagree with that, you\’re an idiot.

The Daily Mail, being run by idiots for idiots, disagrees with that, and has run a long campaign in this specific case against the kids\’ interests. Geniusly, after the Mail got involved, the social workers decided to place the kids with a gay couple.

Now, if you think there should be any differentiation between straight and gay couples in terms of adopting kids, you are a revolting bigot who should be sandpapered to death. However, the Daily Mail is read by an enormous swathe of such people. So massive credit to the local social services department for picking a course of action that would, while still serving the kids\’ best interest, massively piss off all of the despicable twats who\’re outraged by the story. WIN!


3 thoughts on “Social workers: excellent

  1. Robert says:

    Seriously man, what is it with you and sandpaper?

  2. SaltedSlug says:

    What the hell is it with people that they think that if someone has fucked up one child already, they should be given another shot at it with the grandkids?
    You’re right though, if it weren’t for the Gay angle this wouldn’t have even been a story.

  3. Grannie Rose says:

    I don’t necessarily disagree with you although I don’t think I have all the facts in order to make a reasoned judgement. I would say however that calling the grandparents elderly when I understand they are 59 and 46 smacks of twisting the facts to fit your argument.

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