Julie Bindel: world\’s biggest idiot

Whilst arguing that people should be locked up for saying mean things, Bindel says:

If it is deemed acceptable for Christians to say that homosexuality is a sin, for example, but not a person interviewing you for a job in a local authority, then that is unfair and hypocritical.

No, the point is, it\’s acceptable for me to say that Julie Bindel is a stupid, and breathtakingly ugly, authoritarian lunatic on the Internet; but if I were interviewing her for a job, it wouldn\’t be. Similarly for gender and sexuality-related prejudice…

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2 thoughts on “Julie Bindel: world\’s biggest idiot

  1. Henk Van Vleck says:

    I think it depends on the Job. If, for example, you were searching for the poster-girl model for a liberal publication targeted at intellectuals it would probably be fair play – wouldn’t it?

  2. lindsey says:

    She is not ugly she is a lot more attractive then lots of the celebs when they dont wear make up. Its men who are stupid as any woman is seen as attractive to men if they bleach there hair, grow it long, wear make up and a dress with heels. Men are attracted to the drag and to the fact that the woman in conforming to what a man wants. Dressing this way only makes women attractive because men find submission to be attractive.

    Julie has perfect skin from not wearing make up, she also has nice eyes.

    When a man says a woman is ugly it just means she is not in drag.

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