Cats, pigeons

I\’ve a new post on DK on how MP expenses are irrelevant: anyone willing to take the wage of an MP for the job of an MP must be either a child, an idiot or a crook – and if they\’re a crook it\’s better that they\’re shafting their allowances, rather than taking bribes to affect public policy.

Despite the fact that I\’m really, really obviously right here, I\’m expecting pretty much everyone who earns less than an MP to unite in bitter rage against it, whether their preferred more-than-an-MP-earner is Melanie Phillips, Nick Cohen or John Pilger. And I\’m expecting pretty much everyone who earns more to stay the fuck out of the debate, or post hypocritical cant pretending that they don\’t (see Phillips, Cohen & Pilger, op cit).

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3 thoughts on “Cats, pigeons

  1. barkingstars says:

    Funnily enough I recall Nick Cohen making a similar-ish point in his book Pretty Straight Guys.

    If the other two agree with you then hell has truly frozen over.

  2. PDF says:

    Fuck. I hereby recant everything, ever. But you lose, because you read a Nick Cohen book.

  3. Neil says:

    There is a libertarian case for paying MPs the market rate for the kind of work they do. Plus bonuses, natch. And positions-for-life for particularly succesful ministers. It would render them far less corruptible for starters – as Tim Worstall always says, incentives matter – and if it’s good enough for the economic and political panacea that is Singapore…

    (I thought about posting that on DK, but I don’t think my monitor can survive being filled with spittle.)

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