The King of Thailand is a despicable cunt

King Bhumibol Adulyadej is a revolting clownish goon – and doubtless, like most of his countrymen, a pimp and a paedophile.

That is all.


17 thoughts on “The King of Thailand is a despicable cunt

  1. Neil says:

    On the other hand, imprisoning Australians is a good thing and should be encouraged. Lock enough of ’em up and they might get the the message that the rest of the world would prefer them to stay the fuck in Australia.

  2. morbidly cynical says:

    Everyone, everywhere should know the King of Thailand is an asshole. What a worthless piece of crap! The country is a joke but the king is a huge clown to allow this!

    And Neil, where are you from? I wouldn’t want to lock you up for your nationality…on the other hand if there is a pretentious prick lock up.. your gone and throw away the key! ha!

  3. Neil says:

    Aw come on, if you can’t lock up Australians on some flimsy pretext, then what the fuck can you do? It’s PC gone barmy.

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    Well, you could argue there’s historical precedent at least…

  5. Alex says:

    Alright smart-arse, name one royal that isn’t a despicable clownish goon? Queen Elizabeth II, and that’s it, and she’s just been trained to hold her despicable clownish goonery in and then pipe it out her doubly despicable, doubly clownish doublegoon of a husband.

  6. PDF says:

    The Dutch and Scandic ones seem mostly OK…

  7. morbidly cynical says:

    now there is a king who is divine.. sing with me… Ba-RRock of Ages, cleft for me.. may i (etc etc). oh holy One, messiah….. King Obama

  8. Alex says:

    “The Dutch and Scandic ones seem mostly OK”
    Yeah, but can you name one?

    Having said that, the Spanish royals seem ok too. Their scandalous gaffes seem to be stuff like dipping their bread and butter in their tea.

  9. spazmo says:

    If you are going to splash out billions of pounds on a monarch then at the very least they should provide you with some entertainment.

    Locking up some Aussie narcissist because you don’t like his face, or having a massive racist for a husband is much more fun than just sitting on your arse shoving herring in your mouth like Good King Wenceslas or whatever that Norwegian is called.

  10. spazmo says:

    Well, they’ve let him go. He’ll soon be back to harassing abbos and swigging tinned piss.

  11. Ron says:

    Profane words are too good to be associated with the ersatz king of Thailand. He ani’t good enought to kiss my boots. His filthy lips would make them unclean.

  12. chris cyprus says:

    king of thailland is a fucking asshole dickhead cunt!!!

  13. chris cyprus says:

    king of thailand is a motherfucker

  14. Amber says:

    The king, and his whole family, are bastards en they smell like shit!

    See if you can catch me, you brainless motherfuckers!!!!!

    Thailand….great country……shame there is that ugly, smelling royal family!!

    hahahahahahah, hihihihihihihi, FUCK THE KING AND THE DEPARTEMENT OF IN-JUSTICE!

  15. Boner says:

    King is a sore pathetic old man holding on to power that is slipping away.

    Then Thailand can move forward.

  16. spazmo says:

    The King is far funnier than the five commenters above.

  17. pdf says:

    I dunno, I quite like Ron’s. The others are rubbish though.

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