It\’s hard bloody work alright

I hate the use of the term \’hard working\’ to describe \’people with jobs who pay taxes\’.

Many – if not most – people with jobs who pay taxes are just as idle and feckless as people without jobs. Indeed, a single mother on benefits works far harder than the average cunt sitting in an office, pissing about on the Internet, playing solitaire, and whining on libertoonian blogs about how the money which he\’s only paid because of the mixed, industrial-corporate-capitalist economy successive governments have created is stolen from him.


3 thoughts on “It\’s hard bloody work alright

  1. Andy says:

    Yup. Worst of all is ‘hard working families’ which has the double moral advantage of someone having a job AND little kiddies to tug at the heartstrings. Who could argue with that?

    Does it mean that everyone in the family is hard working though? I mean are the kids sent up chimneys and the like? I think there should be an investigation into that by social services.

  2. Richard T says:

    Let’s not forget that members of the Royal family like Kron Prinz Karl are always called hard working by media sycophants and I am just sickened how the parasites Willie and Harry seem to be glorified for doing naff all as officers at public expense.

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