Sandpaper Johannes Mehserle to death

I don\’t normally approve of the death penalty, even for people who cold-bloodedly murder innocent unarmed civilians.

However, I\’ll happily make an exception for San Francisco cop Johannes Mehserle, who shot an unarmed, restrained man – Oscar Grant – in the back:

If anyone should murder Mr Mehserle, I\’ll throw a party in their honour. The more painful the murder, the better the party.

More here.

Update: apparently enterprising locals have already had much the same idea. Good.

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6 thoughts on “Sandpaper Johannes Mehserle to death

  1. spazmo says:

    But, PDF, didn’t you read the story? He didn’t mean to shoot an unarmed, restrained man in the back. He only intended to taser an unarmed, restrained man.

  2. Hitman4u says:

    Just give me the pic and location of this pig and consider it done.

  3. mike says:

    All murdrers claim they are innocent. An accident?? he is liar and a murderer. there was 3 of them. The one who murdered him with obvious intent and malice and you can clearly see the other officer standing in the way in order to block the witnesses view. Then he diliberitly pulls out his pistol puts both hands on it to control the recoil (better then i control the recoil on my glock 40 cal at the shooting range) then intentionally shoots the helpless boy who i could easily subdue myself with no training at all. Everyone at the train station knew the police were out of line. When all the people who pay your salary tell you to stop assulting someone you stop. Then the other 2 police do not arrest the murderer. All 3 are guilty i demand maximum for all.
    Confuse a tazer for his gun thats like you confuse your cell phone for your gun and shoot someone. The tape is there better evidence then any da could hope for. Convict him and his accomplices of murder like you would for anyone else who pulled out a gun a murdered someone. It was an accident why how will that stand up in court. Did you see the video?

  4. mg says:

    spazmo where did you read that? ive read it as apossible cause but not as anything conclusive

  5. Seth B. says:

    I would be carefull about talking about ” putting a hit on someone”. Are government is compilling a list of 8 million people to exterminate. The computer program is called “main core”. Look it up to protect yourself. I disaprove what Johannes Mehserle did, but watch what you say. Everything you say on the phone, and every website you visit is potencial to be visited by F.E.M.A. death squad. That’s all I’m saying

  6. Alex says:

    “Confuse a tazer for his gun thats like you confuse your cell phone for your gun and shoot someone.”
    Surely if you confused your cellphone for your gun you would shoot yourself in the face? Anyway, I urge you all to write to Mehserle and suggest he do so.

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