Lies and the lying liars who tell them

What\’s crooked? Misrepresenting a scientist in a quote? Maybe not. Misrepresenting a scientist in a quote and refusing to correct your article? Maybe not even that? So, what, then…?

How\’s about misrepresenting a scientist in a quote, refusing to correct your article, refusing to publish his refutation on the letters page, and refusing to even publish his comment on the online article? Fuck yeah!

That\’s serious terrifying, lying nonsense. Not in a trivial fashion, but in a spreading-myths-about-one-of-the-most-important-things-threatening-the-world fashion. It\’s the point where the prospect of legal action against people for telling outrageous and malicious lies actually comes into play… [*]

[*] if you\’re a freedom-of-speecher who believes in the abolition of all libel laws, fine; I disagree with you but you\’re not an idiot. If you don\’t, in a world where you\’re allowed to do this kind of shit, but not to call wealthy well-lawyered thieving rapist crook Alisher Usmanov a thieving rapist crook, there is no freedom of speech.

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One thought on “Lies and the lying liars who tell them

  1. Falco says:

    Piss poor, (the info not the post), but interesting. It seems that we are “progressing”* from random bullshit and lies being used to support the MMGB narative to random bullshit and lies being used to discredit it, don’t you just love media cycles.

    * Anything to irritate those who label themselves “progressive” without bothering to find out where they’re going, (i.e. all but a tiny minority).

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