Upholding fine British traditions

Brian Moore\’s piece on Steven Gerrard\’s arrest mirrors my thoughts exactly.

The only other thing I\’d add is that this is another example of daft government controlfreakery. In the past, this is precisely the sort of trivial nobody-really-hurt, all-violence-thoroughly-consenting drunken punch-up that would\’ve been dealt with by arresting everyone and letting them go once they\’d sobered up.

Now, the rozzers more or less have to press charges, despite the fact that doing so will help absolutely nobody (well, it might help the \’victim\’ to claim some extra compo, which is presumably why he\’s pressing charges. Well, either that or he\’s just a cunt.)

And no, I\’m not a Liverpool fan, nor do I particularly give a shit about Steven Gerrard – just, I don\’t think bringing people into the criminal justice system for harmless alcohol-related disorder is a sensible use of resources, or terribly fair.

Update: apparently the \’victim\’ was a DJ called Marcus McGee. Good. I hate DJs, they\’re all smug arrogant cunts who deserve a thorough beating. Shame he didn\’t die.

Update 2: Not only was he a fucking DJ, he was a double-glazing salesman. Hahaha! And yes, it was indeed the \’victim\’ who started it. Hopefully a pack of angry Scousers will burn down his house.

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One thought on “Upholding fine British traditions

  1. PDF says:

    Preemptive comment: no, a little cut on your head doesn’t count as ‘really hurt’.

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