Christmas \’are you a cunt?\’ test

Excellently, Channel 4 is getting the Iranian president, Mr I\’m A Dinner Jacket, to present its Alternative Christmas Message.

Now, we all know Mr Jacket is a loony. So opinions on the matter will be split broadly into \’people who know Mr Jacket is a loony but think it\’s fucking hilarious\’, \’people who know Mr Jacket is a loony but don\’t give a fuck either way\’, and \’utter cunts who\’ll get wound up by Channel 4 giving a PLATFORM!!! to this EVIL!!! HOLOCAUST DENYING!!! ANTISEMITIC!!!…etc\’.

The Guardian piece linked above has a nice selection of the final group, exemplified by:

Incredible that they wouldn\’t dream of George Bush (senior or junior) giving the address (thank goodness) so why go to this ridiculous extreme? A religious bigot from a hardline theocracy broadcasting on UK television, full of views that would destroy the very framework that allows such a channel to exist….Pim Fortuyn, you are sorely missed.

That particular comment has two excellent additional traits. One is the current right-wing bigot fad of pretending the reason they hate the darkies is because the darkies represent a threat to liberalism, exemplified precisely by Mr Fortuyn [*]; and the other is the implicit recognition that GWB is pretty much as bad as Mr Jacket…

[*] murdered by a secular white loony, lest we forget.

Update: somewhat disappointingly, the speech was nicey-nicey C-of-E moderate religiousness, rather than foam-flecked calls for the destruction of Israel and worldwide Islamic revolution. It\’s almost as if the US government\’s attempts to demonise Iran and its rulers ahead of their attempted war were ridiculous exaggerated bollocks, or something…

5 thoughts on “Christmas \’are you a cunt?\’ test

  1. Falco says:

    I’ll go with opinion (A) with a side of rassberry to the Grauniad, humourless cunts that they are.

    Merry Christmas PDF.

  2. BS says:

    I’ve always favoured “Och, me dinner jacket”. As a scotsman might say upon realising that he had accidentally caught fire to his formalwear.

  3. BS says:

    set fire, even.

  4. PDF says:

    I thought you were using some kind of Northern British idiom there, fore a second…

  5. Falco says:

    BS, I didn’t realise you followed my blog.

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