Niggardly prickmadam

Adam Laceky has an excellent list of words which sound like they should be rude, but aren\’t, along with usage guides:

Incorrect usage in conversation:
“I’m a real horehound, but I don’t have $50 to pay a prickmadam to let me do the Dicky grind in her cooter, so you’ll have to excuse me while I go crank my hand organ.”
“Better not do it in the shittah. It’s infested with cockchafers.”

(he does, however, appear to have made up his definition for the phrase \’dicky grind\’, which only otherwise appears on the Internet in reviews of lapdancing clubs)

One thought on “Niggardly prickmadam

  1. Truly seminal work.

    I’ve always thought that “rectify” and “ramparts” both sounded a bit grubby, but that’s just me.

    Fans of both smut and boring Scots poems will also be woefully disappointed by the initially promising “Cock Up Your Beaver” by Robert Burns, too.

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