Serious? Seriously.

I\’ve got a post on the Baby P circus up at Devil\’s Kitchen (where I\’ll occasionally be posting, not solely to annoy the actually-right-wing-and-not-libertarian-at-all cunts commenters cunts who infest the place). Very short summary: everything you think you know about the case is almost certainly wrong, and social services had no real opportunity to make any kind of coherent intervention.

3 thoughts on “Serious? Seriously.

  1. A nice post, O PDF. I nearly cheered at one point…


  2. AMcguinn says:

    Very good post. Moral panics (even if somewhat justified) make for very bad policy prescriptions.

  3. Larry Teabag says:

    Ho ho ho. Your post “seems to fit the provoking, but also _scary_ mentality of the LPUK”.

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