Casual racism confession hour

OK. was anyone else surprised to see the face-blurred photo of Baby P and discover that he was white and blond?

Of course, there\’s no reason why white, blond parents can\’t be just as vicious and evil as any others; although given that there can\’t be more than about four white parents in Harringey it goes slightly against the grain…

(I heard someone comment as an aside that the mother had been to public school. Not sure if this has been confirmed in any non-censored sources; if it\’s true, then it\’ll have been another factor making life difficult for the social workers involved. If you spend your days dealing with lackwit charvers who\’re incapable of, know wha\’ I mean, like, stringing, a fucking sentence fucking, like, together, then I suspect a bit of expensively-purchased articulacy and charm is likely to switch off some of your alarm bells…)

3 thoughts on “Casual racism confession hour

  1. septicisle says:

    Also interesting, and hardly mentioned elsewhere, I only found out from actually reading the original report into the case, is that she also had three other children, two of which were of school-attending age. Only one of the others seems to have been similarly placed on the at risk register, from something relatively inconsequential to the abuse that Baby P suffered, whilst the other two it seems were more or less getting on fine. It also all started after her partner left and she somehow got involved with an apparent Nazi described in court as “simple”. Not that any of this of course is of any real merit, everyone else is off demanding heads roll and that this never happens again, until the next time it inevitably does when it’ll start all over again…

  2. spazmo says:

    Black people are too busy eating wattymelon and having huge cocks to have time to beat their children.

  3. dave batista says:

    you forgot “puffin’ on da ‘erb”

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