Chav stab chav. Yay.

Katie Perry, #1 pop star, isn\’t especially gay. She claims to have kissed a girl, which may or may not be true, but is primarily into gentlemen. Her song suggesting otherwise was written by British songstress Cathy Dennis, as a generic piece of Tin Pan Alley For Sale-ness.

However, this picture of her is hot:

As one might expect, the moronic press are grumpy. They say \’oooh, but what of the knife crimeing? Oooh, the terrible toll. Ooooh, the end of the fucking world\’. Etc.

This is bollocks.

#1: it\’s a fucking picture, get over it. If not…

#2: knife crime is done by boys. If girls carried knives, the main impact would be to slightly diminish levels of date rape and domestic violence. Given that all other violent crime, in terms of incidence, pales into utter insignificance compared to domestic violence, err, bothered.

#3: otherwise, knife crime is irrelevant. Except mugging, which involves innocents and is bad and should be treated seriously. Nearly all actual stabbing involves despicable bastards who deserves to die stabbing other despicable bastards who deserve to die – exactly like gun crime. We should support this as a positive development in society, rather than worrying about it. If some intimidatory thick gangland cunt (and no, this isn\’t a colour thing – I accept that in Peckham most of said cunts are black, whereas in Manchester they\’re mostly white) stabs another one dead, that\’s a tick in the \’they\’re not fucking shit up for the rest of us, plus if they kill each other enough then chav girls might breed with people who\’re less awful thereby improving thing for the next generation\’ box.

This leads into a more generic crime point: if you don\’t thoroughly deserve crime, it won\’t happen to you. If you\’re not a pikey thug, then even mugging is extremely unlikely to happen if you don\’t get blind drunk or chat on the phone while you\’re walking down the street. You might get your wallet nicked whilst in deceptively safe surroundings (me, leaving East London and going to a bar in Notting Hill the other week), but serious crime happens to serious scum – and again, the only exception is rape, which is done by men of all classes in all places on all occasions.

If you\’re a guy who isn\’t a scumbag and is afraid of crime, you\’re an idiot. And if you\’re a woman who thinks that black chavs are more likely to crime you up than rugby-playing Old Etonians, then you\’re an idiot too…


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  1. Larry Teabag says:

    …rape, which is done by men of all classes in all places on all occasions


  2. Juetdxwx says:

    R1f3oD comment4 ,

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