In which your host is a curmudgeon

Read this sweet, heartwarming story about a fire crew using infra-red cameras and similar kit to search for a child\’s lost hamster. Aaah, isn\’t it sweet?

My first reaction was – err, no it fucking isn\’t, it\’s a fucking outrage and whichever idiot fire crew leader decided this would be a good idea should be put on a disciplinary, since it means that if there\’s actually a real emergency that matters then the firemen won\’t be immediately available to deal with it.

Having re-read the piece a couple of times, it sounds more like the firemen in question carried out the search while off-duty. While I\’m not entirely convinced they ought to be using expensive search kit off-duty, that would be somewhat fairer. However, I\’m amazed that the fire brigade\’s PR person didn\’t point this out – her statement of:

The call related to a hamster that was trapped behind a wall. They got a Fibroscope camera and put that down under the floorboards to see if they could find it.

…implies a public emergency call, thereby cementing the image of her officers as cluefucks, whilst also encouraging idiots and morons from the general public to follow suit next time they\’re missing a 99p rodent.

5 thoughts on “In which your host is a curmudgeon

  1. dsquared says:

    Firemen often respond to these calls because they can treat them as training exercises. They have even been known to fill people’s swimming pools for them in some circumstances.

    Firemen are also, often, particularly in quiet places like Dunbar during the day, terribly fucking bored.

  2. spazmo says:

    Training for what? For when a small fire escapes from its cage, and crawls under the floorboards and won’t come out?

  3. PDF says:

    Much as Dan’s comment has merit, Spazmo wins ‘literally making me laugh out loud’ points.

  4. I fucking hate hamsters! What’s the point of a pet that has a heart attack if you so much as look at it? Losers.

  5. QuestionThat says:

    You’re not the only one to have the same first reaction, I can tell you.

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