Despicable arseholes; I hope they get blown up

This isn\’t even funny, it\’s pathetic. Either:

a) it\’s a lie. Terrorism is irrelevant; it always has been irrelevant; about 1/10,000 the number of people who die annually from smoking may die of it in the UK but really so fucking what; and anyone who\’d accept so much as crossing the fucking street to deal with politicians\’ gibbering self-important fantasies that it matters is a clueless cuntard; or

b) it\’s true. Terrorism is important; the fact that it\’s entirely trivial and has never made a blind bit of difference to anyone other than gibbering paranoid morons is irrelevant; the darkies are going to slaughter us all in our beds; and so any government minister who\’d tip off said darkies that our brave boys are tracking a Big Scary Terror Gang is a despicable treasonous bastard.

You can\’t have it both ways. And even though anyone who didn\’t pick a) would be certifiably mad, at least they wouldn\’t be as despicably hypocritical as someone who claimed there were options other than a) or b) on offer…

One thought on “Despicable arseholes; I hope they get blown up

  1. Falco says:

    I believe their methodology is:



    No, don’t worry. We’d never missuse anti terror legislation, pwommise, pwetty pwomise with cherry on top.

    Bunch of cunts that that they are.

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