The British Union of Slack-Jawed, Violent Trolls

I\’m disappointed my sole BNPite reader left, after I offended him by suggesting that some idiot fuckwits were idiot fuckwits.

Nonetheless, encountering these dim bigoted sods on t\’Internet has done a great deal to diffuse my personal version of the horrible, vaguely Current Labour-y stereotype that the Decent Working Classes have all kinds of Serious Reasonable Grievances exacerbated by Illegal Immigrants working to Destroy Our Culture for Unfair Wages, rather than being (e.g.) useless thick cunts, compared to whom even Alf Garnet would sooner employ a Paki or a nigger.

Weirdly, successful, clever, well-adjusted people having a good time with nice lives very seldom fill that bill. Doubtless that\’s a Bilderberg conspiracy…

Anyway, the Flying Rodent has a good response to this kind of criticism:

What if support for the far right by ordinary people all over Europe owes less to tyrannical multiculturalism than it does to their cretinous desire to blame all of their personal problems on blacks, PC do-gooders, gays, Poles, criminal-loving lawyers, gypsies and Muslims, to name but a few?

I mean, let\’s be honest – when we\’re talking about far right politicians, we\’re talking about people too stupid to drive cars without smashing them into walls and pulverising themselves into mean-spirited goo.

Quite. Rest in pieces, Mr Haider.

One thought on “The British Union of Slack-Jawed, Violent Trolls

  1. paul maleski says:

    Your language is far too rich for everyday casual consumption.
    Do-gooder Japati-vatfree Chaferabidly and Charles Manson’s brother Michael, will soon be looking for you!

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