A nation of joyless arseholes

I know this is going to make me sound a bit Littlejohn-y, but this article on kids in pubs (that\’s in the \”families having fun together\” sense, not the \”13-year-olds getting bladdered\” sense) sums up everything I don\’t like about this country.

Basically – over the last 10 years we\’ve moved towards a more civilised model of pub culture, with food and children both encouraged rather than forcibly removed. As a result, a whole bunch of despicable miserable bastards are saying \”oooh, you can\’t have a quiet drink anymore without being distracted by the sounds of children having fun. I want to drink in a tomb, and I want everyone to be as joyless and miserable as I am\”.

That impulse amongst cuntish adults – not any kind of lying toss about \’lack of discipline\’ or \’falling educational standards\’ or \’yoof crime\’ – is why being a kid in the UK is officially rated as rubbish. And the people who lament \’lack of discipline\’ and \’falling education standards\’ and \’yoof crime\’ are precisely the kind of bastards who cause it. Hang them all…

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