House of Bothered

Various people are grumpy about the fact that a despicable Australian cunt who deserves hanged is instead in jail. They\’re wrong. If your attitude to Holocaust denialists being locked up is anything other than \”fuck yeah; although it\’s a shame they don\’t just gas them and their families\”, you are a cunt.

Ditto climate change denialists. And Tories.

6 thoughts on “House of Bothered

  1. Jim Bliss says:

    About a week ago you wrote…
    Everyone should have the right to say appalling and offensive things. If you don’t believe that, your opinion is worthless.

    Square that circle.

  2. PDF says:

    Inconsistent incoherent gibbering rage. I guess realistically 1) I don’t think that despicable cunts should be locked up for their opinions but 2) I find it quite difficult to care all that much when they are.

  3. rob.marrs says:

    What a defender of free speech you are then, pigdog. You believe everyone has the right to freedom of speech but when a ‘despicable cunt’ is locked up for saying something you don’t care?

  4. grison says:

    if you think people should be locked up for uttering historical inaccuracies then it’s you who are the cunt. And a dick.
    “Julius Caesar never invaded Gaul! the Highland clearances never took place! The Irish famine was really one lost packet of Tayto cheese and onion!” …. do I go to jail now?

  5. moo says:

    Spouting nonsensical historical inaccuracies means jail-time and PigDog agrees?

    Queen Victoria was a man
    The Great war wasn’t really that great
    Archduke Ferdinand loved masturbating his pet rabbit
    The Etruscans died out because they ate each other
    The English reformation was both funny and entertaining
    The Great Plague of 1665 was transmitted via French onions

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