Crucify every last policeman

I know the police are despicable scumbags. And I\’m well aware that Operation Ore was a pointless piece of grandstanding that stopped no children from being abused while ruining plenty of innocent people\’s lives (including plenty of children, \”oooh, kids\’ rights take precedents over, like, everything\” fans).

Nonetheless, arresting the defence experts who\’re trying to exonorate an Ore victim for possession of indecent images over children, over a hard disk he\’d been given by the fucking police for the purposes of making a forensic examination is even more despicable than I\’d contemplated. And in the context of authoritarian bullshit related to TEH EEVIL PEEDOS, I\’m well aware that every move the authorities make is pretty fucking despicable.

Seriously, this is about as vile an interference with justice as you can get. Avon and Somerset Police are a despicable bunch of bastards, every last one of them. As a result, the official PDF bounty for an Avon and Somerset copper has now been raised to £5000.

(and yes, I know Jim Bates has been barred from appearing as an expert witness because he stupidly, many many years ago at the start of his forensic career, lied about his qualifications. This has no bearing on his forensic investigation ability; nor on his experience of how the police lie, cheat, lie, cheat and ruin innocent people\’s lives in such cases…)

One thought on “Crucify every last policeman

  1. Henk Van Vleck says:

    This is disgusting. You make me sick. £5k for a member of the Avon and Somerset police force? – That’s the same amount you are offering for Boris. Where are your standards?

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