Terror observation

I hope all my readers had a happy November 9 yesterday.

The thing I found interesting this time round is that this kind of jolly jape (and c\’mon, it is) now shows a comments ratio of one grumpy po-faced \”I lost my hat in the attacks, you CALLOUS BASTARDS\” fuckwit to hundreds of LOLz. Even a couple of years ago you could guarantee a massive flamewar of po-faced cunts versus callous gets; now the callous gets have won. Which is as it should be.

If you lost anyone in the attacks and feel offended by this post, they were probably a wanker anyway, and one of the last things to go through their mind before their demise was almost certainly how glad they\’d be to get away from you.

3 thoughts on “Terror observation

  1. I hope all my readers had a happy November 9 yesterday…

    November 9.

    PDF, your cuntish attitude is matched only by your cuntish ignorance.


  2. mags says:

    happy November 9th to you too

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