Anyone who uses the word ‘irresponsible’ is a cunt

The word ‘irresponsible’ is only ever used in contexts where something amusing has happened, nobody has been hurt, but dull people disapprove.

Promoting your oil-conflict themed computer game by hiring a petrol station for the morning and giving away £20,000-worth of free petrol is an excellent example of something amusing that doesn’t hurt anyone.

And Lynne Featherstone MP is an excellent example of a tedious cunt.

(update: link fixed. Sorry, Devil)

3 thoughts on “Anyone who uses the word ‘irresponsible’ is a cunt

  1. Hmmm, you appear to have linked to me there…


  2. P.S. I may be irresponsible and/or a tedious cunt, but I’m pretty sure I’m not Lynne Featherstone…


  3. Alex says:

    She is, however, sound on getting our Iraqi employees out.

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