Mrs Spears: VP candidate

Alaska in Winter are a great band, named after the dullest concept imaginable. So if you’re a 17-year-old girl growing up in said dull location, with a religious conservative fundie-loon mum, and who’s doubtless been told birth control is Teh Evils, then getting up the duff is not that surprising.

This is where America, to me as a sane person, becomes a completely non-comprehensible place. In the UK, plenty of dim teenage girls with witless parents sprog up – but assuming you didn’t grow up in a gutter, you’ll probably bother using johnnies in the first place, and will certainly get an abortion otherwise. In Yankland, girls whose parents *aren’t* circus freaks actually have kids when they’re still kids – even if their mum’s the second-highest-profile female politician in the land…

(indeed, thinking about it, if Bristol Palin *did* do the only sensible thing available, and unfucked her life through the means of basic harmless surgery, then that’d probably be the thing that sank McCain’s campaign. Dammit, America is a despicable hole filled with despicable bastards…)

2 thoughts on “Mrs Spears: VP candidate

  1. Neil says:

    Mother and daughter?

  2. spazmo says:

    Mother, daughter and downie baby?

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