God will punish you for your sins

I felt sad about the death of Geoffrey Perkins, creator of Mornington Crescent, first producer of the Hitchiker\’s Guide to the Galaxy, writer for Harry Enfield when he was funny, first producer of Father Ted, and all-round excellent comedy man.

Then, I read this paragraph of the poor man\’s obit:

His credits as executive producer at the BBC included […] My Hero, 2 Pints of Lager [… and] he also co-produced both series of Ben Elton\’s The Thin Blue Line.

The tribunal at Nuremburg was willing to accept that Albert Speer was a misguided idiot who – despite being a good man of amazing accomplishments – blinded himself to the evil that he worked to accomplish. On the same grounds, I\’m willing to pray for the soul of Mr Perkins.

But I hope there\’s at least a fucking purgatory. And that they show non-stop fucking BBC3…

One thought on “God will punish you for your sins

  1. Having said that, being knocked down by a truck is a kind of comedy death. It’s the way he would have wanted to go…


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