All of London should be pedestrianised, and every cunt who drives in London should have their car crushed whilst they\’re inside it. There is no need for anyone to drive a car in London (a van, yes; a bus, yes; a car, no) – anyone who claims otherwise is an ignorant lazy stupid liar who deserves to die.

If someone gives me that cunt Johnson\’s head on a platter, I\’ll pay them £5000.

4 thoughts on “Pedestrianisation

  1. NRG says:

    I think this is the first time you’ve said something I disagree with in about 3 months of reading here. My (now retired) mum spent 20 years as a self-employed bookkeeper. She’s small, has a bad back and a dodgy knee and her job involved picking up 2 or 3 large boxes of books/files/receipts from various customers all round Birmingham* and taking them back to her office. She’d never have been able to carry them on public transport, but they weren’t big enough to require a van. There’s not enough money in what she did for using couriers to be an option, please enlighten me as to how she could have done her job without a car?

    *I know you’re talking about london but this could apply just as well there.

    So how about an exception for people with more than 15kg of shit they need to carry round for business purposes? Would still remove the 95% of drivers who really don’t need to be using their car.

  2. PDF says:

    Hmm. Can that sort of thing not now be done online?

  3. Gilbert Wham says:

    A small van is the answer here. Like a big van, but the size of a car. That ought to keep the car commisars off her back.

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