The Awards

I\’m not bitter about not winning anything; fuck it, in another life I was the king of blogs.

I\’m just amazed that thick, inept, illiterate cunt Dizzy Thinks (the second-most inappropriate \’thinking\’ based blogname in the world, the first-most being religious fundamentalist idiot Bel is Thinking) won a \’would be the second-best blog to be turned into a book\’ award.

I accept that blogbooks suck; two people who I very much like and respect have compiled blogbooks that were, in both cases, dull wankery for nobody who wasn\’t a blogger themself. Nonetheless, the tedious ramblings of an IT-ist without any comprehension of politics, literature, philosophy, comedy or economics strike me as significantly less good than either.

[also, Wat Tyler of Burning Our Money fame, who won an award for Economics, is a dull lying fucktard who knows about as much about economics or accounting as I do about lizard biology. Which is very little. Maybe I should set up a blog about lizard biology which tells lies about lizards and blames Gordon Brown for everything that\’s wrong in the lizard world, then I\’d win awards for best lizard-related blog…]

One thought on “The Awards

  1. Justin says:

    dull wankery for nobody who wasn’t a blogger themself

    Amen. I did one and the royalties just about paid for a month and a half’s council tax.

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