On that Christian registrar

If you\’re a proper Christian, you shouldn\’t carry out civil marriages, because you\’re condoning fornication in the eyes of God.

If you\’re happy to carry out civil marriages but not gay ones, then you\’re not a proper Christian, you\’re merely a disgusting homophobic hypocrite. Not only should you be sacked; you should be buggered to death by a rhinocerous.

That is all.

One thought on “On that Christian registrar

  1. Why don’t you piss off slagging off the BNP, you retarded, anti-British cunts!

    People are turning to the BNP because they, like me, don’t like what they’re seeing in Britain.
    From an upmarket, respected country, we have plummeted to become the dumping ground for all the
    third world trash Who fight to get through France to get here. The take our houses and our jobs
    and tell us how to run our own country. You are a bunch of ignorant tossers. Let’s hope a Muslim
    terrorist with a backpack triggers a bomb just as you’re passing, or your house gets blown up by
    terrorists. You constantly pander to Muslim scum, despite the fact that a third of them think
    killing in the name of Islam is acceptable, and they think it’s funny that people died in the
    London bombings.


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