Sometimes bad shit happens

If you think the admittedly unusual event of five people being stabbed to death in a particular 24-hour period means anything at all in terms of Society, Oh My God, Society, We\’re All Going To Die, It\’s So Broken, Yoof Of Today bullshit, then you\’re a fucking idiot who doesn\’t understand statistics.

Five stabbings doesn\’t matter *in the slightest* in a country of sixty million people – it\’s roughly equivalent to a third of the number of people who died of alcoholic liver disease on Friday. Even in terms of rate-of-change, the fact that it happened in one day is a statistical anomaly, combined with the general propensity of murders to take place at the end of the week and during the summer; the rate over the year is the important figure, and there\’s little evidence that it\’s rising significantly.

If you knew any of the men who died, that\’s sad and you have the right to be upset. If you didn\’t, you don\’t have the right to give a shit, and you certainly don\’t have the right to use the random happenings of their death to go off on some ridiculous rant about bringing back hanging / reducing social inequality / whatever the fuck half-arsed measure you think will stop a few young men from (as they always have everywhere) killing each other in stupid fights.

The fact is, shit happens; people die; if you\’re not an idiot who starts knife fights then your chances of being injured or killed in one are near-zero; and if you are then why the hell should anyone care whethey you life or die…?

One thought on “Sometimes bad shit happens

  1. Dirty Protest says:

    In the 90’s a friend and I would place a bet on how many people would die over the Glastonbury weekend and you could usually guarantee 2 fatal stabbings. If people are getting stabbed up in the mecca for love and peace, what chance do the locals of Stratford have.

    The whole self perpetuating media/black cunture (fat fingers, but it made me smile so I left it in, how 31337) thing makes me worry for the yoof more than the stabbings. If the recent spate of stabbers believe the David Cameron/red top hype enough to buy into it, what kind of obsequious gurgling little cretins are we spawning. If you’re a gang member reading this and use knives for business purposes , im sorry if I offended you.

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