Dead Frenchmen

I\’m not a criminologist. However, if it transpires that the unfortunate French chaps who were savagely murdered in New Cross last weekend were killed as part of a burglary, then I\’ll happily suck my own balls.

Even among raving loonies, that level of ultraviolence (not just murder, but this kind of murder) is reserved for people you properly hate, not people whose PlayStation you\’re trying to nick. It\’ll be mistaken identity or nefarious double life, mark my words…

Update: yeah, they were stabbed 240 times for their PIN codes. Right, that\’ll be it; seriously, don\’t Telegraph writers have *any common sense filter AT ALL*?

Also from that piece, while it\’s understandable that one of the students\’ relatives isn\’t thinking straight right now, it\’s still a shame that he\’s fallen for the \”London is a dangerous city compared to Paris or New York\” bullshit. It isn\’t; and – even if these guys transpire to be incredibly unlucky exceptions – nearly everyone who dies a violent death here still brought it on themselves (see also: 16-year-olds who start knife fights…)

3 thoughts on “Dead Frenchmen

  1. Jim Bliss says:

    Actually, my own interpretation is that it was indeed a burglarly. Obviously none of us know for sure except, presumably, the killer(s). But my take is that the burglar (or one of them) — interrupted during the crime — had a psychotic episode which led to the brutal murders. 240 stab wounds sounds more like psychosis than hatred to me.

    Though obviously, this is pure speculation.

  2. PDF says:

    That’s significantly more likely than anything else burglary-related, although I’m still highly sceptical.

  3. spazmo says:

    For fuck sake, just look at them. Who wouldn’t want to stab them 240 times?

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