Slowly sinking

The last post appears to have stoked up some controversy among fuckwits. A particular idiot says:

I look forward to your tour of the nations’ predominantly white “sink estates” (ZaNuLabour term) explaining to all of these people born into a cycle of poverty and no prospects exactly how this applies to them.

This is moronic because:

a) equating a bunch of mildly-inept-but-no-worst-than-most centre-right politicians to Mugabe\’s genocidal thugs is as witlessly offensive as equating Israel with the Nazis

b) the white British gentlemen (and indeed, the other-coloured British ladies and gentlemen; foreigners fleeing persecution aren\’t so lucky) of this nation\’s predominantly white sink estates are housed, clothed, heated and fed, and enjoy the delights of Sky TV and all the weed they can smoke. This isn\’t much of a way to live, but it beats the lifestyle of at least 75% of the world\’s population into a cocked hat…

(This awesome rant refers.)

2 thoughts on “Slowly sinking

  1. PDFsucks says:

    You are a disgusting piece of shit. You’re a self-righteous, self-satisfied pompous dickhead incapable of feeling empathy on any real level. You conceptualize pain and suffering; to you, it’s nothing more than idea locked inside that garbage can you call a head.

    You’re the kind of person that thinks reading about the suffering of other people makes you some kind of fucking authority on the subject.

    It doesn’t.

    Find a cliff. Jump off it. Die.

    The world will be a much better place. Seriously, you are nothing more than an argument for human extinction.

  2. pdf says:

    Disappointed you’ve not left a blog link – I’d love to know the weird psychological make-up that drives your worldview.

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