Oooh, oooh, oooh!

PDF operates an equal opportunities policy of offensiveness. If a fucking dickhead compares Labour to the Nazis, we call him a fucking dickhead. If a fucking dickhead compares climate change denialists to Josef Fritzl, we call him a fucking dickhead (note: the Bishop of Stafford is a fucking dickhead).

And if an Australian TV channel points out to kids that they\’re using ten times the resources of the average third world citizen, and does so by the comedically robust means of a \”when ought you to die?\” calculator, we salute them. This is entirely appropriate: everyone in the west should be thoroughly aware of how fucking lucky they are to be as rich as they fucking are, and equally be aware that there is no way in hell the world could support the lifestyles we currently have for its whole population; failure to appreciate these facts is a sign of rampant idiocy and self-centredness bordering on the autistic; and the belief that it\’s wrong to point these facts out to kids in a way that will shock them and stick in their minds is somewhere between Victorian and moronic.

However, one thing that we don\’t like is hypocrisy. And as Justin points out, the hypocrisy of right-wing swearbloggers after the Bishop of Stafford\’s remarks certainly counts…

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