We get results (nearly)

It\’s the official and stated opinion of this blog that BNP cunts should be murdered. So obviously, on reading that BNP cunt Keith Brown had been murdered, we cracked open the champagne [*] in honour of his killer, Habib Khan.

Unfortunately, it transpired that BNP cunt Keith Brown wasn\’t murdered at all – rather, Mr Khan stabbed Mr Brown after Mr Brown came to mr Khan\’s house, put Mr Khan\’s son in a headlock, and threatened to kill him. Now, stabbing the guy to death is certainly disproportionate at this point, but the jury agreed that it was also certainly understandable…

So regrettably, Mr Khan fails to win the halal meat, fried plantain or Polish sausage prize – that\’s reserved for someone who kills a BNP cuntist on the grounds of ideology alone, not because he\’s a psychotic maniac who\’s threatened to kill their son.

[*] non-alcoholic, obviously, as we\’re deranged terror supporting Islamist fanatics

10 thoughts on “We get results (nearly)

  1. “BNP cunts should be murdered”

    Even fathers?

  2. PDF says:

    It’s this blog’s position that it’s better for kids to grow up in single parent households than with a BNP cunt for a father. So yes, basically.

  3. redandwhitestripes says:

    So you’re saying that I deserve to die for my support of a legal political party and my son deserves to lose his father because of my support for a legal political party, right?

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    No, because you’re a fuckwitted nazi cunt, that’s why.

  5. I think PDF is unfair to say should be murdered.

    As a decent human being, I’d say I wouldn’t weep if they were murdered. That tends to be most people’s attitude towards fascists, since they’re the scum of the fucking Earth.

    As for t’s better for kids to grow up in single parent households than with a BNP cunt for a father, I find it hard to disagree.

  6. British Man says:

    Why don’t you liberal cunts fuck off and live in a third world country. We don’t want your third world suicide bombers here!

  7. You liberal do-gooders are all going to get your heads kicked in when the race riots start soon. Let’s hope some of your family members get killed by a suicide bomber! Traitors.

  8. PDF says:

    As a liberal, I’d prefer there to be fewer suicide bombers and race riots. Good to know that the crazy bigots would prefer there to be more…

    [in case anyone was wondering, #6 and #7 are the same person]

  9. Funny, the way when the race riots start is the BNP’s long-anticipated utopian moment, much as Come the revolution was for the old commies.

    I think they should make much more of this race war stuff in their literature, rather than the load of bullshit lies designed to make them look less insane they’re pimping just now. Honesty is the best policy, after all, and if you’re hankering for an opportunity to exterminate the untermenschen then it’d be better to tell the public now rather than spring it on them later.

  10. Oh shut up you anti-British communist scumbag. Let’s hope a Romanian cash-point thief clones your credit card and empties your account. You are traitorous scum. If you love multiculturalism so much fuck off to Afghanistan and see what it brings!

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