Posted in May 2008

It\’s \’unsurprising dead gansta\’ day

So, it transpires that the chap who got stabbed after starting a gang fight in McDonald\’s in Oxford Street was a gangland cunt, who\’d raped a girl (is \”moll\” the term for girls who unwisely date gangsters and then screw them over?) and burned her with acid in a revenge attack [*], as well as stabbing some other daft fuckwit in a gang fight.

This a) exactly what I predicted would be the case as soon as I heard the story and b) why I don\’t give a shit, and you shouldn\’t give a shit, about gangland crime – it happens to people who utterly brought it on themselves. If you don\’t want to be shot, stabbed or raped and burned with acid by gangsters, then don\’t join a gang, don\’t shoot or stab people, and don\’t date gangsters. Obviously you might still end up shot, stabbed or raped, but you\’re decreasing your chances by around two orders of magnitude…

Meanwhile, knife crime overall continues to fall, although daft propaganda from hysterical maniacs remains on the rise. Amusing feature from the \”fuck me, criminals are shit\” file: knife crimes are twice as likely to cause injury as gun crimes. Maybe the banning of pistols has actually had a positive impact on crime reduction, ensuring that kids who do have guns have got no fucking clue about how to use the things…

[*] I\’d happily bet £500 that the gang-raping-and-acid-burning transpires to be horrible punishment for someone who\’s fucked over a gang, not the ludicrous \”proto-CSI using acid to hide DNA\” nonsense that the tabloids have made up and are spreading as True Fact. Sadly, William Hill don\’t think it\’s an appropriate subject for wagers…

More fun with headlines

BBC: Adults with autism to be audited

Surely they mean \”to be auditors\”?

Bombing conspiraloons, again

Just noticed this old-ish thread on Rachel\’s site (I linked to the post at the time, but the comments have sprawled somewhat since then).

Antipholus Papps, sometime of this parish, makes a pretty reasonable point (and gets utterly crucified by self-righteous cunts for his pains):

the reason that some people question what happened on 7 July 2005 is down to the government being a bunch of lying murderous bastards who start wars on false premises.

NB if you\’re as stupid as some of the respondents in the original thread, you might take this as implying that either the bombings were excused by the Iraq war, or that they were done by the government. He isn\’t saying that.

He\’s saying that since the government have lied about more or less everything, particularly regarding evidence of Terrorism and Evil Stuff, to disbelieve their narrative concerning the biggest example of Terrorism and Evil Stuff we\’ve seen domestically is hardly unreasonable.

Now, as Rachel\’s original piece makes clear, the government has released credible evidence that the July 7 bombings were indeed carried out by the four people reported as carrying them out, for the purposes for which they were reported as carrying them out. So, as I\’ve said elsewhere, people who continue to believe the conspiracy narrative are daft cunts.

But this evidence was released in the conspiracy trials that took place in spring 2008 – which means that there was a period of nearly three years where accepting that the July 7 bombings took place as reported meant uncritically believing the words of people who are known to lie about This Sort Of Thing.

I don\’t know about you, but I\’m reluctant to blame anyone for their historical reluctance to uncritically believe the words of liars…

For clarification

If you find any of the following \”intimidating\”, \”threatening\”, or whatever pathetic term-of-the-day gets used to mean \”oooh, I don\’t like it, help me mummy\”:

1) people drinking
2) people being drunk
3) people being drunk and loud

…then you are a worthless cunt who doesn\’t deserve to live.

Yes, if people start *actually* threatening you (which means \”saying they\’re going to do bad things to you\”, not \”being loud and common within your earshot\”), that\’s a bad thing and they should be arrested. But as long as they don\’t, then either shut the fuck up or (preferably) kill yourself and everyone who shares your DNA.

Evidence and its absence


The parents of a 15-year-old girl killed in a road crash have paid tribute to their \”beautiful\” daughter.

C\’mon. They could\’ve said \”clever\”, \”kind\”, \”loving\” – or even \”wonderful\” or \”brilliant\” – and got away with it. But given that photography has been a viable science for over 150 years, saying something so obviously counterfactual is just weird.

Kudos to the Beeb for putting it in inverted commas…

Two out of three workers in \”are dirty rotten liars\” shock

No way in hell do I believe this. It\’s just about possible that only 33% of workers are hungover *on any given day*…

2.3% of Londoners need murdered

So it\’s hello to (one of) the daft cunts of the BNP on the London Assembly. Let\’s be clear here, this has fuck all to do with Labour betrayal of the working class or any of that crap; there is no excuse for voting for the scumbags and if you think there is an excuse you are as vile and repellent as they are.

(thought experiment: did the fact that Weimar politicians fucked the economy exculpate people who voted for Hitler? No, it didn\’t.)

So, it\’s an official Pigdogfucker Murder A Despicable Bastard Bounty Day. Post proof that you\’ve murdered someone, and proof that they\’re a BNP cunt, in comments – the prize for Most Inventive Murder Of Most Cuntiest Cunt is GBP500 worth of halal meat, fried plantain and Polish sausage.

Get murdering, people… Oh, and in case you were wondering, the figure in the headline is BNP vote share * turnout….

Always sane, always balanced

Whining lying thieving pikey cunts; gas the lot of them:

\”We are the last group of people in this country who you can openly mock and make racist jokes about – who else is there?\”

Fuck off and tarmac my driveway. You\’re not a race, you\’re just a bunch of navvies who couldn\’t be arsed to settle down and get jobs when they stopped building railways…