Crooked Tory bastard in \’is crooked Tory bastard\’ shock

Obviously, as soon as I put up a post defending Boris Johnson, he was bound to do something irretrievably awful. And as if by magic, he comes up with \”I\’ll ban my biggest rival from standing in 2012, when the Tories are in power and unpopular…\”

Actually, it\’s not entirely clear from the Standard piece whether Mr Johnson is proposing a two-consecutive-terms limit on being mayor, which wouldn\’t be a terrible idea, or whether he\’s proposing a two-terms-ever limit, which would be pretty much an act of attainder against Ken Livingstone. Ken certainly seems to think he means the latter; we shall see.

We do know for sure that Mr Johnson, entertainingly for a man who promised to stamp out corruption and cronyism, has stuffed his advisory team with members of Westminster Council. Yes, that\’s Westminster Council of \”we are the corrupt evil bastards who forced council tenants to live in asbestos-ridden accommodation, sold council assets worth tens of millions of pounds to the council leader, and then made no effort whatsoever to get the money back from her when her fraud was proven because she\’s our friend and we don\’t give a fuck\” fame.

Still, at least none of the money they steal this time round will go to minorities or socialists. So that\’s OK then…

One thought on “Crooked Tory bastard in \’is crooked Tory bastard\’ shock

  1. From my reading, that’s fairly clear that it would be a two-terms in one sitting (as, I believe is the case in hte US if you actually read the wording of the amendment). It would no doubt come with the idea that no Mayor would come back at a later date – although, it looks like Ken intends to do so.

    Blears is a cunt. It’s up to local people… and hopefully, the local people of Crewe & Nantwich will fuck the decrepit corpse of the Labour Party all over the place.

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