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I\’m against the 42-day internment proposal, as is anyone with any sense at all.

However, this kind of twatty opposition almost swings me in favour of it. Count the \”I am a despicable bastard and deserve horsewhipped and rubbed in salt\” clichés – \”Liebour\” (at least he doesn\’t call them ZaNu Liebour, I suppose), a clever and appropriate \”Labour plus swastika logo\”, and the PM referred to as \”No Mandate Brown\” (if you\’re so keen on the fucking constitution, you should fucking accept that the Prime Minister isn\’t and never has been a democratically elected position), all in a single post.

The dickhead in question also claims to be \”a foreigner in my own country\” (yeah, all those fucking darkies they let in – best send them home, eh? update – retracted – see below). I\’m sure you\’ll be unsurprised to learn he\’s a fervent campaigner for EU exit and an English parliament, too…

It upsets me that the fucktard calls himself \”Wonko\”, however. It\’s a reference to Douglas Adams\’s character, Wonko the Sane – and I always hate it when loathsome rednecks misappropriate the work of brilliant, liberal writers who\’d certainly hate all the swivel-eyed nonsense they spout…

Update: Wonko responds. He says \”I think Douglas Adams would have been vehemently opposed to the system of apartheid and anti-English discrimination in place now at the hand of the racist Brit-Scots\”. I strongly suspect that Douglas Adams would have laughed in mild desperation at the world when he encountered anyone holding such gibberingly insane views; readers, what do you think?

He also points out that the \”foreigner in his only country\” thing is about being an English nationalist while England is abolished by sinister transnational Scottish-elitist machinations, not about immigration. I do feel slightly guilty about this one: being a conspiraloon is not as bad as being a racist, and so whilst believing the original statement to be utter bollocks, I retract any suggestion that it\’s motivated by not liking the darkies…

9 thoughts on “Cunt du jour

  1. wonkotsane says:

    1. Liebour – a contraction of Labour and Lies. I’ve never called them ZaNu Liebour because Zanu are socialists, something Liebour couldn’t claim to be any more.
    2. Liebour are a bunch of nazi’s – you’re the only person who’s ever commented negatively about the logo.
    3. Gordon Brown has no mandate, not because he hasn’t contested an election as a prospective Prime Minister but because as a Scottish MP he was elected on a very narrow manifesto of matters that aren’t devolved in Scotland and on those matters that are devolved, he has no mandate at all – especially not in England.
    4. I have said several times that I think the Prime Minister should be a directly elected position along the lines of a presidential election.
    5. A foreigner in my own country refers to me being English but my country being called “Britain” or “the regions”. It’s nothing to do with blacks at all which you’d know if you weren’t a lazy fucking shit and could be bothered to read a bit more of my blog.
    6. What’s wrong with being anti-EU and pro-English Parliament? Don’t you like the idea of running our own country?
    7. I’ve been calling myself wonko for years and why not? I think Douglas Adams would have been vehemently opposed to the system of apartheid and anti-English discrimination in place now at the hand of the racist Brit-Scots.
    8. Your criticism is appreciated. Fuck you.

  2. PDF says:

    1) ooh, so witty; 2) no, equating something you don’t like very much to the Nazis is getting on for Holocaust denial; 3) 42 days is a UK issue so he has every right on this, even if your general point were valid; 4) fine, you’re wrong, but fine 5) see edits in post – sorry 6) we do run our own country; it’s called the UK; we choose to delegate some issues to the EU; 7) see above 8) fuck you too.

  3. wonkotsane says:

    1. Thanks
    2. Nazi is a contraction (in German) of nationalist socialist. Liebour is nominally socialist and nationalist in its own twisted way.
    3. 42 days internment is a UK issue but police isn’t. He can try and give Scottish police the opportunity to inter “terrorism” suspects for a month and a half but, unlike in England, he can’t tell the police to use it.
    4. Why should the Prime Minister be a member of a political party? Why should it be impossible (ok, technically it’s not impossible but in practice it is) to be Prime Minister if you’re an independent?
    5. Apology accepted.
    6. We run our own country (although the English don’t run England) in areas where we’re allowed. EU law has primacy over English law and with the EU not-a-constitution we will only be allowed to leave if the EU agrees and after a period of notice as opposed to now when we could leave at the drop of a hat.
    7. I disagree.
    8. Fuck you three.

  4. Steve says:

    Pigdogfucker, apt name may i add, i see your ‘arguement’ has been reduced to a mere cry and accusation of ‘Racist’, you truly have lost the arguement big time, please continue to make a dickhead of yourself as it amuses me.

  5. Justin says:

    It’s ‘argument’.

  6. PDF says:

    Steve, I’m slightly confused on how my argu(e)ment’s been “reduced to a cry of ‘racist'”, given that the only suggestion the dude was racist was a one-line aside that I’ve now retracted based on a misinterpretation of his tagline (and nor do I think my misreading of “a foreigner in my own country” was a particularly insane one to make, although I still shouldn’t have made it).

  7. Angie says:

    Let me beat you to the punch,i am a racist i admit it freely,i dont like “darkies”.so now what?you cant use your race weapon on me anymore.whats wrong with wanting leave the EU since we tricked into it in the first place?and as for all the foreigners in this country,were we ever asked if we wanted to be part of a multicultural melting pot?no,we were not,but i expect that you are one of those bleeding heart liberal twats that still thinks all of the rest of the worlds problems are our fault and our responsibility.

  8. PDF says:

    That’s interesting, because I know for a fact that you’re a thick cunt.

  9. […] PDF operates an equal opportunities policy of offensiveness. If a fucking dickhead compares Labour to the Nazis, we call him a fucking dickhead. If a fucking dickhead compares climate change denialists to Josef Fritzl, we call him a fucking dickhead (note: the Bishop of Stafford is a fucking dickhead). […]

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