Diamond Geezer has been on absolute top form on the Mayoral election, the posing clown who won it, and the fact that – despite there being next to no crime and the only people who worry about crime being gibbering ninnies – it\’s somehow become a serious political issue.


The Mayor has correctly recognised that Londoners are a bunch of screaming wusses with no accurate perception of reality, especially those who never travel by bus because they think it\’s too damned scary. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Also, given that DG isn\’t really supposed to be a political blog, and given the insane depths of \”OMFG! Two people out of 60 million got stabbed last weekend, we\’re clearly descending into an abyss of hoodie terror!\” nonsense that infests the comments sections of even nominally sane places like CiF and Liberal Conspiracy, it\’s good to see that the comments are pretty on the same wavelength as the post.

Readers, are you sane people like DG, or are you paranoid lunatics who think crime is a serious issue worth bothering with? When a woman whose 18-year-old daughter killed herself in jail after being sent there for being a bit mean to an old geezer [*], kills herself out of depression and grief and someone writes a tribute article to her, do you say:

\”Pauline Campbell was a brave and compassionate woman. She will be sorely missed.\”


\”Oh, FFS! If you can\’t do the time, don\’t do the crime.\”

If you have any views on why the bunch of eejits who believe the second point tend to congregate on liberal blogs rather than whimsical blogs about London scenery, feel free to post them in the comments. Also feel free to prove my point by posting ignorant rants in the comments about how Sarah Campbell was, like, EEEVIL JUNKI3 SKUM and deserved to DIE!!!!

[*] yes, the old geezer had a heart condition that the girls didn\’t know about, and when they were a bit mean to him he died of fright [**]. This, in a sane world, would be punished in the same way as being a bit mean to anyone else – i.e. mild disapproval. What matters morally is what could be reasonably expected from your actions (for the avoidance of doubt, \”being a bit mean to an old geezer\” does not allow you to reasonably infer \”old geezer will snuff it\”), not their actual consequences; and if you don\’t understand that then you have the moral sensibilities of a five-year-old.

[**] fucking hell, this is an 18-year-old girl we\’re talking about. if you\’re an adult male who\’s scared of an 18-year-old girl, you don\’t deserve to walk this earth, you ridiculous pansy.

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  1. Copiously Weeping says:

    Apparently he was old too so the world won’t really miss him. Just a minute – isn’t that ageism? Aren’t we fortunate to have Guardianistas ready and willing to tell us which ‘isms; are permissible? You might be able to tell his widow yourself. Maybe these people will let you have her contact details: http://tiny.cc/jGZzx . Although I find it outrageous that they’ve given her a voice at all. She too is old and therefore expendable so who cares about her feelings? Off to weep copiously for the saintly Pauline Campbell.

  2. PDF says:

    I can’t make thetiny.cc link work. HTML works in the comments, so please feel free to link to the original.

    Have you read the rest of this blog? You may have noticed that all sociodemographic groups are referred to using derisory and mocking terms (if anyone has spotted a sociodemographic group I’ve failed to deride and mock on this blog, please let me know so I can correct this omission). That doesn’t mean I think they should be murdered.

    Haven’t read Mrs Bhandari’s piece, since I can’t get the link to work – but I’m strongly opposed in general to the moronic belief that because someone you know was the victim of a crime, that gives you any right to have your insane grief-fuelled rantings taken seriously.

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