It\’s \’unsurprising dead gansta\’ day

So, it transpires that the chap who got stabbed after starting a gang fight in McDonald\’s in Oxford Street was a gangland cunt, who\’d raped a girl (is \”moll\” the term for girls who unwisely date gangsters and then screw them over?) and burned her with acid in a revenge attack [*], as well as stabbing some other daft fuckwit in a gang fight.

This a) exactly what I predicted would be the case as soon as I heard the story and b) why I don\’t give a shit, and you shouldn\’t give a shit, about gangland crime – it happens to people who utterly brought it on themselves. If you don\’t want to be shot, stabbed or raped and burned with acid by gangsters, then don\’t join a gang, don\’t shoot or stab people, and don\’t date gangsters. Obviously you might still end up shot, stabbed or raped, but you\’re decreasing your chances by around two orders of magnitude…

Meanwhile, knife crime overall continues to fall, although daft propaganda from hysterical maniacs remains on the rise. Amusing feature from the \”fuck me, criminals are shit\” file: knife crimes are twice as likely to cause injury as gun crimes. Maybe the banning of pistols has actually had a positive impact on crime reduction, ensuring that kids who do have guns have got no fucking clue about how to use the things…

[*] I\’d happily bet £500 that the gang-raping-and-acid-burning transpires to be horrible punishment for someone who\’s fucked over a gang, not the ludicrous \”proto-CSI using acid to hide DNA\” nonsense that the tabloids have made up and are spreading as True Fact. Sadly, William Hill don\’t think it\’s an appropriate subject for wagers…

3 thoughts on “It\’s \’unsurprising dead gansta\’ day

  1. DJCJD says:

    apparently 9 out of 10 people say they enjoy gang rape

  2. Jim Bliss says:

    If you don’t want to be shot, stabbed or raped and burned with acid by gangsters, then don’t join a gang, don’t shoot or stab people, and don’t date gangsters.

    I’d also add to that: don’t gatecrash random house-parties in Tottenham whilst wrecked on speed, spliff and booze*

    * people will do stupid things when they’re 20 years old and I have the scar to prove it.

  3. Chalcedon says:

    Coz banning pistols means that even those with access to them (excluding police and military) never get to practice so are utterly crap shots. They just don’t know how their gun will react when they fire it. So mostly they miss unless they unload the whole magazine and hope. That lad in Liverpool was hit by a stray bullet, which was terribly unlucky. The guy who was the target walked away unscathed coz the crim firing couldn’t aim properly. Knives of course are much more short range weapons.

    I just wish more crims would open up on each other, preferably in confined spaces, such as jails.

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