For clarification

If you find any of the following \”intimidating\”, \”threatening\”, or whatever pathetic term-of-the-day gets used to mean \”oooh, I don\’t like it, help me mummy\”:

1) people drinking
2) people being drunk
3) people being drunk and loud

…then you are a worthless cunt who doesn\’t deserve to live.

Yes, if people start *actually* threatening you (which means \”saying they\’re going to do bad things to you\”, not \”being loud and common within your earshot\”), that\’s a bad thing and they should be arrested. But as long as they don\’t, then either shut the fuck up or (preferably) kill yourself and everyone who shares your DNA.

One thought on “For clarification

  1. spazmo says:

    I’d be quite happy to see being loud and common within my earshot being made illegal (along with standing in front of me in a queue for a cash machine, being George Galloway and being a bit of a cunt).

    The punishment could be being locked up with a bellowing moron who shouts football chants for no reason at 2.30 every morning in a non-threatening but very annoying manner.

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