Bombing conspiraloons, again

Just noticed this old-ish thread on Rachel\’s site (I linked to the post at the time, but the comments have sprawled somewhat since then).

Antipholus Papps, sometime of this parish, makes a pretty reasonable point (and gets utterly crucified by self-righteous cunts for his pains):

the reason that some people question what happened on 7 July 2005 is down to the government being a bunch of lying murderous bastards who start wars on false premises.

NB if you\’re as stupid as some of the respondents in the original thread, you might take this as implying that either the bombings were excused by the Iraq war, or that they were done by the government. He isn\’t saying that.

He\’s saying that since the government have lied about more or less everything, particularly regarding evidence of Terrorism and Evil Stuff, to disbelieve their narrative concerning the biggest example of Terrorism and Evil Stuff we\’ve seen domestically is hardly unreasonable.

Now, as Rachel\’s original piece makes clear, the government has released credible evidence that the July 7 bombings were indeed carried out by the four people reported as carrying them out, for the purposes for which they were reported as carrying them out. So, as I\’ve said elsewhere, people who continue to believe the conspiracy narrative are daft cunts.

But this evidence was released in the conspiracy trials that took place in spring 2008 – which means that there was a period of nearly three years where accepting that the July 7 bombings took place as reported meant uncritically believing the words of people who are known to lie about This Sort Of Thing.

I don\’t know about you, but I\’m reluctant to blame anyone for their historical reluctance to uncritically believe the words of liars…

2 thoughts on “Bombing conspiraloons, again

  1. Justin says:

    I don’t know about you, but I’m reluctant to blame anyone for their historical reluctance to uncritically believe the words of liars…

    But that’s *almost* become a secondary issue. They can believe the bombings were carried out by Zombie Elvis if they like but it’s the *way* some of the people wage their campaigns that marks them. It’s the oceans of personal abuse and the haranguing of people who’ve been caught up in a terrorist atrocity that marks them as cunts.

    PS. Also, with respect to Rachel, any comment thread that includes ‘Little Black Sambo’ is already Not Worth Your Fucking Time.

  2. Larry Teabag says:

    Yes, but so much of the government lying has been deeply inept, to the extent that *lots* of *sane* people were pointing out that it was bollocks at the time. To imagine that they could [do whatever is being alleged], and successfully keep the truth secret and their tracks covered, without slipping on a banana-skin with their trousers round their ankles, frankly stretches credulity.

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