2.3% of Londoners need murdered

So it\’s hello to (one of) the daft cunts of the BNP on the London Assembly. Let\’s be clear here, this has fuck all to do with Labour betrayal of the working class or any of that crap; there is no excuse for voting for the scumbags and if you think there is an excuse you are as vile and repellent as they are.

(thought experiment: did the fact that Weimar politicians fucked the economy exculpate people who voted for Hitler? No, it didn\’t.)

So, it\’s an official Pigdogfucker Murder A Despicable Bastard Bounty Day. Post proof that you\’ve murdered someone, and proof that they\’re a BNP cunt, in comments – the prize for Most Inventive Murder Of Most Cuntiest Cunt is GBP500 worth of halal meat, fried plantain and Polish sausage.

Get murdering, people… Oh, and in case you were wondering, the figure in the headline is BNP vote share * turnout….

4 thoughts on “2.3% of Londoners need murdered

  1. Chalcedon says:

    That’s democracy for you.

  2. PDF says:


  3. […] It’s the official and stated opinion of this blog that BNP cunts should be murdered. So obviously, on reading that BNP cunt Keith Brown had been murdered, we cracked open the champagne [*] in honour of his killer, Habib Khan. […]

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