Yes, it\’s More Crap Terrorists (TM)

Another glorious day in the annals of the Thousands And Thousands Of Deranged Jihadist Fifth Columnists Trying To Kill Us All: a daft white middle class boy arrested with a house full of the crap Anarchist Cookbook bombs you make when you\’re 14. I imagine we\’ll find that he got caught after buying a sack of bicarbonate of soda over the internet.

And people are scared of these clowns? People actually give them more thought than ten seconds of laughter? For fuck\’s sake…

One thought on “Yes, it\’s More Crap Terrorists (TM)

  1. […] Unsurprisingly, given the generally accepted lameness of the UK’s would-be terrorists, nobody even bothered to argue with my assessment that if the police’s evidence against Andrew Ibrahim is accurate, he’s a schoolboy dilettante with fuck all in the “explosives worth bothering with” stakes. […]

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