Vote Boris: kill a child

From Boris Johnson\’s public statements about shootings and stabbings of kids in London, and his insistence that these events are somehow the current Mayor\’s fault and represent a good reason to vote for a different Mayor next month (perhaps a blond floppy-haired one), one might assume that Mr Johnson is strongly opposed to the senseless and preventable death of children.

Yet while the Mayor of London has limited power over policing and crime, an area where s/he has great influence is in setting traffic priorities and speed limits. Ken Livingstone\’s bus-and-cycle-favouring, car-delaying policies have been a major factor in cutting the number of serious pedestrian injuries by 500 per year since 2000. And Mr Johnson plans to reverse them in order to speed up traffic if he wins the election.

So, if you don\’t really give a fuck about the preventable deaths of children, then by all means vote for Johnson. But if you\’re letting the kniving and shooting hysteria sway you then you absolutely, positively, 100% need to understand that voting for Johnson on that basis will lead to the deaths of far more children than will be saved. And that\’s even if you had some reason to assume that he\’d be in any way competent at tackling child-on-child crime in the first place…

3 thoughts on “Vote Boris: kill a child

  1. Oh I get it now, you’re trying to be like Devil’s Kitchen! Just be yourself, it’s easier.

    Oh and I think most people would not be so prejudiced to use one case as a smear for a whole group, unless you’re a bigot of course. So the numerous cases of rape and child grooming by some (and only some) sections of the Muslim community is of more concern to the BNP than this case you highlighted. By the way, you say the BNP wanted everyone to believe this, was it ever on the BNP web site? Or are you making up facts to suit your own argument?

  2. PDF says:

    Traditionally, people comment on the articles that they’re referring to. But hey, I know you guys have trouble with reading comprehension, so I’ll let it slide.

    DK’s and this site have both been running since 2005 [I think he beat me by a few months], so it’s probably fair to say I’m not trying to be him.

    And I use the terms “wankers who spread lies about non-white ethnic groups” and “BNP” interchangably. Whether BNP Central Office made any comment on the kebab murder case I neither know nor care.

  3. sacerdoteuk says:

    By contrast, the Ambulance Service claims that road humps cause 500 deaths a year in London, so it’s swings and roundabouts. However, whatever else you may say about them, road humps are also fucking irritating. Yay Boris.

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