Theodore Dalrymple is a despicable cunt, and if he gets murdered I shall throw a big party and piss on his grave

I normally avoid the \”I am even madder than Melanie Phillips, but because I am a mad doctor rather than a mad pundit my mad rantings have some spurious credibility\” gibberings of Theodore Dalrymple. Unfortunately, the Bystander, who normally doesn\’t dignify half-mad neofascism with links, linked to one of his articles, and equally unfortunately I clicked on the fucking thing.

Cuntery A:

While it is possible to argue that failed asylum seekers should be handled in some way other than by sending them to prison (though it is difficult to see what it would be other than de facto imprisonment until their deportation can be arranged), it is misleading to suggest that our prison numbers are swelled to any great extent by such cases.

This is \”I\’m too posh to be in the BNP, even though I agree with them\”-speak for \”if you\’re some kind of dago that wants to get in our country, you need locked up\”. If you agree with it, you should be deported to Somalia with extreme and brutal force, and then be questioned on whether you still agree with it.

Cuntery B:

The vast majority of the alleged abnormalities that have been diagnosed among prisoners are in any case of no explanatory or exculpatory value, and in my view have been made by psychiatrists with a vested interest in expanding their power and their field of activities

This is \”hang \’em and flog \’em\” speak for \”if you\’re a criminal and you did it because you\’re mad, that doesn\’t prove that you\’re mad, it merely proves that I\’m right and you\’re a cunt. I have no scientific evidence for this, but it\’s a fact\”.

Cuntery C:

\”The third category of people whom Lord Woolf was for a long time complicit in wrongfully imprisoning, in his own opinion, is that of people who are not dangerous. Here Lord Woolf demonstrates either his total lack of compassion, his utter indifference to the fate of those people who do not live on his private Olympus, or his complete lack of imagination.\”

This is actual, plain English for \”people should be imprisoned even if they aren\’t dangerous\”.

What a fucking, fucking appalling, despicable cunt. I\’d rather spend time with any one of the people Dalrymple (what a shame Anthony Daniels uses the family name of a worthwhile writer to dignify his bullshit) excoriates than such a pompous, puffed-up buffoon…

4 thoughts on “Theodore Dalrymple is a despicable cunt, and if he gets murdered I shall throw a big party and piss on his grave

  1. Neil says:

    The phrase “Self hating middle class mental health professional” springs to mind. Heh.

    Why do ‘personal responsiblity’ fans like Teddy boy here spend so much time looking at the problems in the ‘underclass’ (ie, not their own class), then blaming all those problems on ‘liberals’ (who only appear to exist as a figment of their imagination)?

    Easy: it saves looking any closer to home for the real problems and culprits. Nope, they just keep yelling “It’s their fault! it’s their fault! Destroy them! Whoops, sorry, didn’t mean to say the last bit out loud…”

  2. calling for the murder of a specific person are we? just because you disagree with them?

    but then again, thats what the left have done throughout 20th century history – murder people – so i’m not too surprised.

  3. Neil says:

    @#2: QED

  4. Andrew Bartlett says:

    I remember Dalrymple arguing that drug addiction was not an illness as, based on the example of tyrannical states, threatening drug users with death can cut rates of drug use.

    Apart from indicating the brutality of the societies to which Dalrymple looks to for answers, this argument makes several mistakes.

    It mistakes drug users for drug addicts.

    Even if we grant this it mistakes drug use for drug addiction. As many alcoholics will tell you, the fact that they don’t drink, and haven’t for years, doesn’t mean that they are not addicted to alcohol, but rather that they have managed to overcome being habitual users.

    Dalrymple understands illness to be something that cannot be overcome by will. But in confusing drug use with drug addiction, he makes an analogous mistake to someone who equates serious back problems with days off work sick. Instituting the death penalty for those taking sick days for back pain would cut the number of days off work for back pain. Dalrymple, if he held to his drug use/drug addiction equation, would then argue that we can get rid of GPs, physiotherapists, occupational health workers and the rest. These are just namby-pamby liberal indulgences, when we simply need death squads.

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