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Should you be one of those daft, paranoid cunts who believes [conspiracy theory a to z+n] about July 7, then read this fucking piece and then preferably shut the fuck up.

It is possible (in all honesty I still have my doubts) true that better counter-terrorism intelligence and/or fewer wars abroad and/or less immigration [*] would have prevented the July 7 attacks.

It is not in any doubt whatsoever, and if you doubt it you are as mad as people who believe the earth is flat and made of cheese, that some immature, cocksure, terrified, brainwashed, brave-in-the-wrong-way, maniacs got a car from Leeds to Luton, a train from Luton to Kings Cross, and then variously exploded themselves and 52 innocent people in nearby parts of central London.

[*] yes, this would imply less immigration in 19-fucking-65 when we decided to import Pakistani villages to provide cheap labour in Northern textile mills. Apparently, misguided industrial policy decisions made before race relations was even an academic subject reflect both the dhimmitude of New Labour and the evilness of all immigration and all Muslims ever.

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