Posted on April 1, 2008

Bollocks about Ken

I\’m slightly grumpy about the mayoral election, given that it\’s a choice between an utter, utter cunt and a machine politician who\’s been in power for too long.

However, this sort of demented loonery makes me increasingly keen to go out there and vote, not just against Boris, but actually for Ken.

Anyone who conflates support of the Palestinians or dislike of the neocon \”let\’s demonise the Muslims, yay\” project with antisemitism is infinitely more bigoted and more insane than Ken will ever be.

And anyone who thinks that, in a run-off between a Jew who works for a Nazi rag [*] and someone who criticises said Jew for working for a Nazi rag, the critic is the one in the wrong is, well, just a cunt really.

[*] the Mail supported Hitler and the blackshirts. If that doesn\’t make it a Nazi rag in your world, then you\’re Max Moseley and you should probably get back to your holocaust fetish night.