Americans can\’t take a joke

The headline is hardly news; it\’s a well-known fact that joking with Yanks about subjects such as Vietnam, the KKK, 9/11 and Iraq is something that generally doesn\’t go down well. As highlighted by the previous post.

[special PDF competition: £100 plus medical bills for the remainder of their life will be paid to the first person to go up to a New York fireman and go with \”what\’s the odd one out of Vietnam, the KKK, 9/11 and Iraq? 9/11, cos none of the other victims deserved it\”]

So my sympathy for pissed-up Northern Irish idiot Aidan Mackle is somewhat limited. Nonetheless, holding a drunken Irishman on terrorist charges for slurring \”I\’m Bin Laden\’s mate and he\’ll hijack your plane if you don\’t give me more booze\” is obviously crazy: if anyone, even for one second, thought the chap was a serious threat then they\’re the one who should be locked up forever in a non-reality-based institution…

Update: I forgot to add that American airlines (small final A) are the worst in the world, that all of their crew thoroughly deserve murdered, and that for anyone who flies with them, being murdered by terrorists – or, indeed, being abused by an Irish drunk – would be a merciful release. Genuinely, I would rather fly fucking Aeroflot or Turkish Airlines than subject myself to another transatlantic flight on Delta, NWA, Continental or United. I haven\’t yet flown AA, and would sooner grind broken glass into my eyes than do so, so there\’s a small possibility I\’m being unfair to them and them alone…

4 thoughts on “Americans can\’t take a joke

  1. anne canalp says:

    Turkish Airlines? Turkish Airlines are actually very good, why shouldn’t they be? But whether they would want you as passenger is another question.

  2. spazmo says:

    Of course they don’t want him as their passenger, he is an irredeemable cunt.

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